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The people who create "Alors"

Jean-François Abert:
Edited the "culture" pages of the daily newspaper Lyon-Libération from 1986 to 1992; was Assistant Editor-in-Chief for 7 months. A freelance journalist since 1992 for Grands Reportages, l'Amateur de Bordeaux, l'Amateur de Cigare and Le Nouvel Economiste; he has also written works for the theatre (including "Passé Cinq Heures" presented at the TNP de Villeurbanne), and essays ("Le Génie des Saveurs", published by Calman-Lévy).

Thierry Benoît:
Was Assistant Editor-in-Chief responsible for publication at Libération.

Jean-Baptiste Harang:
Journalist for the "Books" section in the daily newspaper Libération; author of 4 novels published by Grasset, in particular "les Spaghettis d'Hitler".

Jacques Maigne:
Reporter in the Foreign news department of Libération until 1995. Freelance journalist for Géo and Marianne. He has also written seven documentaries broadcast on the Arte channel between 1995 and 2000. For the same channel, he was the scriptwriter of a series of five 26 minute episodes, "Chasseurs d'Ouragan" (Tornado hunters).

Jean-Paul Kauffmann:
Publishing director of l'Amateur de Cigare. A writer, he was awarded the Fémina prize for his book on Eugène Delacroix.

Pierre Sorgue:
Was a reporter on the daily newspaper Lyon-Libération from 1986 to 1992, and a reporter for Méditerranée Magazine. Currently a freelance journalist and reporter for Géo, Télérama and Ulysse.

Luc Vachez:
Was publishing manager and editor of the "culture", "media", "economy" and "multimedia" sections at Libération before joining the Réunion des Musées Nationaux [French national museums association] to run many editorial projects, including CD-ROM's.

Serge Challon:
Founder of the Editing Server agency, he is also president of SAPHIR (Union of News Photograph and News Agencies), administrator of the FFAP (French Federation of Press Agencies) and member of the French Joint Commission of Press Publications and Agencies.

Quang-Tri Trân Diêp:
Has organized modern art exhibitions in situ in Paris and Lyon, a "culture" journalist on the daily newspaper Lyon-Libération and a freelance journalist for Télérama, Libération, Le Nouvel Economiste and Le Nouveau Quotidien. For three years helped to set up a French private hospital in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Alongside the members of the Editorial Board, "Alors" is assured of the regular collaboration of Paul Fournel, a writer member of "L'Oulipo", Goncourt short story prize in 1988 and currently honorary French consul in Cairo, and of Jean Rolin, a freelance reporter for Le Figaro, Géo, etc., Albert Londres prize; also a writer, Médicis prize (joint winner) for his book, "L'Organisation".

More about "Alors"

About Groupe Serveur / the Server Group
An S.A.S. Holding company with registered capital of 598,539,000FRF, the Serveur Group ( is a publishing imprint producing data banks and hard copy publications, founded in Lyon in 1987. For almost 15 years it has been a major player in court, legal and economic data banks (Le Serveur Judiciaire, Juris Serveur,, etc.). Server Group's media holdings cover a range from the cultural (Alors) and financial (Newsbourse) press to agencies: Regional Press Agency - a financial and economic press agency, Conception Editoriale - documentary journalism, Editing Server - photographic news agency.

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